The BMW of Strollers...Literally

Real Style on 02.15.13
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Image: Maclaren

A good portion of the population takes their wheels seriously. I don't have any trouble admitting that I'm a car snob. And with parents looking for cars that offer both great style and a fast, smooth ride, there's no wonder that they'd want the same for their kid's strollers too. Considering that strollers can practically make you a cup of coffee nowadays and that they cost almost as much as your mortgage payment, it only makes sense that luxury brands would want to get in on the market, and that's exactly what BMW has done. Maclaren has teamed up with BMW to create the MacLaren BMW Buggy.

The aluminum framed stroller is lightweight at less than 13 pounds and features a water and stain-resistant bucket seat, shoulder pads, a ventilated panel, a full coverage hood with windows to protect your child from the elements, and ergonomic handles. It offers four-wheel suspension and five-point harness for safety, and it comes in three classic colors including black, white, and royal blue. The large shopping basket and the loads of BMW branded accessories that range from umbrellas and carry-bags to cup holders and picnic blankets (available at an additional cost) make sure that you have everything you need at hand. And they didn't skimp on making sure that everyone will know that your child is riding in style. The BMW insignia makes its mark on the wheels (yes, they look like BMW hubcaps), buckle, and hinge covers.

If you've always wanted to own a BMW, but it wasn't in your budget, this is BMW engineering you can actually afford. At $385, it falls pretty close to the average price of a stroller. Just try not to be jealous that your little one gets a BMW before you.

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