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Nesting on 10.10.12
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IKEA is one of the greatest gifts on the planet to the design minded who are on a tight budget. There is no doubt that there is more cost-friendly design per square foot of their mega stores than anywhere else on the planet. But the problem is that for the most part you know exactly when you walk into a house which items are from IKEA. And for someone who likes to have a unique looking space with a few one-of-a-kind items, this is a major drawback...or should I say it used to be? O'verlays by Danika & Cheryle LLC give new life to IKEA's functional but frequently seen pieces.

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The O'verlays come in 19 patterns and are compatible with 13 different IKEA lines including the ever popular Malm, Expedit, Hemnes and Lack products. And while they are designed to fit the IKEA pieces, they can also easily be used on any other piece you have as well as walls, valances, and more. Consider adding a Greek key border to your living room or a lattice pattern to your cupboards. The O'verlays are one eighth of an inch thick and are made from lightweight PVC foam composite and can be painted any color you desire using spray paint specific to plastics or a paint primer made for plastics and covered in your paint of choice. As a result, the possibilities are literally endless!

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Love the idea but don't have any furniture that these pieces will fit? They've got a solution for that too. These O'verlays can be in ordered in custom sizes as well as one quarter inch and one half inch thicknesses with a minimum order of $100. Their regular prices range from $3 per foot for the two inch wide patterns to $45 per piece for the larger patterns. So before you toss out that old armoire or worry that the IKEA piece you're considering isn't special enough, think about the possibilities of what they can become with O'verlays for less than $100.

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