Kitschy Coasters Let You Enjoy a Cool Drink Without Sweating a Drippy Glass

Nesting on 07.13.11
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Image courtesy: Crafting a Green World

On a hot, summer day, nothing will get my husband’s goat faster than a glass with water dripping from condensation on a naked table. We have coasters scattered all over the house, yet our kids are more content with playing coaster frisbee than actually using them.

What better way to encourage kids to use coasters than to have them choose their own designs and make a personalized set?

One of the most clever (and pretty!) coasters I’ve seen are these from Light Refreshments Served blog – using plain white square tiles and craft paper! Cut the paper to size, adhere the paper to the tile with Mod Podge (found at craft stores) and finish with clear spray paint. To keep the ceramic tiles from scratching your table, apply four little felt or rubber feet to each corner of the tile. They make lovely gifts, too! Package them in sets of 4 and tie with a pretty ribbon. See complete how-to.

Instead of patterned craft paper, you can also use photos to make coasters. Lindsay of Lee La La blog shows you step by step how she makes these personalized coasters. Lindsay uses a textured tile and matte Mod Podge for a different look. (Photo by Lee La La)

If you’re handy with needle and thread, try these bright and summery Citrus Coasters! These are from one of my very favorite yarn shops in the world, Purl Soho in New York City. Thick felt is measured and cut, pinned together and hand-sewn. A great project to teach older kids how to embroider by hand. See tutorial at Purl Bee. (Photo by Purl Soho)

If your family is traveling this summer, why not use maps of the cities you’ve visited to create these custom coasters? Brilliant idea from the team at Martha Stewart. (Photo by Martha Stewart)

I’ve got a stash of old jeans that, ummm…just don’t fit well anymore. What a great idea to cut them into strips and turn spiral them into denim coasters! See photo tutorial at My Recycled Bags.

With a few scraps of fabric and a sewing machine, you can make these pretty quilted coasters. Go to your local quilt shop and you can purchase a package of coordinated patterns sold in square bundles. This is also a fun project to teach kids how to use a sewing machine. See tutorial (lots of photos!) from Craft Snob. (Photo by Craft Snob)

A simple crochet project using cotton yarn – blogger Katie from I Go By Katie will show you step by step how to make these squares. Katie uses these for removing makeup, but double the size and you’ll have some fun coasters. I’d love to make a few using the colors of the rainbow! (Photo by I Go By KatieI)

My kids’ favorite idea was to use their Scrabble tiles (we have an extra set; last year we lost 5 letters from a set). Glue them together on a thin sheet of cork! Each child can spell his or her name. This is definitely on our to-make list this summer. See how to at Crafting a Green World.

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