How to Make a Heart Paper Chain Garland

Nesting on 02.05.13
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Image: Sarah Fernandez/Chateau & Bungalow

At Christmastime my kids and their friends got hooked on making paper chains at our local library which had set up a craft table so that the kids could help decorate the children's department. Afterwards, my friend started cutting strips of paper and keeping them at hand for the kids to play with and to make paper chain decorations, and it donned on me that if I simply changed the way that the paper strips were affixed, it would create a heart shaped garland instead of the standard circle, making it perfect for the upcoming Valentine's Day holiday.

I'm particular in my color schemes so for this one I used alternating strips of red and pink construction paper that were about 1 1/2 inches thick by 8 1/2 inches long, but you could of course use a rainbow of colors. To make your first heart, bring the ends of the strip of paper together face to face instead of overlapping them. Then staple them together. Repeat, looping the next strip of paper through the first heart before stapling it and so on until you have your desired length of paper chain. I like to alternate the direction of the hearts so they aren't all facing one way, and you can do that step after they are all linked together if you don't want to pay attention to it as you go, or if you've got little ones helping that aren't so interested in the details.

heart paper chain garland
Image: Sarah Fernandez/Chateau & Bungalow

This is a fun project to do with your kids if you want to create a countdown to Valentine's Day and make it with as many hearts as there are days until Valentine's Day. Or you could use it to hang as a swag in a doorway. If you are having a Valentine's party, it would fabulous strung from one end of the room to another or from a chandelier to each corner of the room. And while it is perfect for Valentine's Day, it would also be very sweet as a bridal shower decoration or as a decoration for a DIY inspired wedding. And it's really easy to make no matter what your age!

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