How to Host a Super-Fun and Inexpensive Easter Egg Hunt

Nesting on 03.22.12
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Last year, as our kids had gotten older, are spending more time at school and were making new friends, I found that it had gotten harder to get together with all of our old friends. I wanted to do something that would encompass all the kids we love to play with, but don't always have the time to do so. It's certainly hard for anyone to host 20 kids plus their parents at a house so as the weather was starting to get warmer and Easter was just around the corner I decided that an Easter egg hunt would be the perfect way to get everyone together. Everyone's been asking when we're going to do it again this year because it was so much fun. But as I start planning I like to look back at what made it such a success last year and suggest how you can host one too.

The first thing to consider is the location. I wanted to do it at a park, but because we were such a large group I was worried about doing it where there could be other people playing and where I'd have to have enough eggs for another dozen or so kids. So I picked a park where there wasn't a playground. It was just a large grassy park with some plantings and a few benches that was public property and had parking, but where we didn't have to worry about a crowd. It was a park that many friends didn't even realize existed and everyone was happy to have found.

Next, I got there ahead of everyone else so that I had plenty of time to hide the eggs. Because it wasn't super warm out yet, the landscaping hadn't gone into full effect and there was overgrown grass in certain areas and I tried to tuck the eggs into the areas where there were plantings. However, I contained the eggs to one end of the park because the kids were all still five or under and so that I could keep the kids away from them until we were ready to start. It also made it easy to do a sweep afterwards to make sure that we found them all. I certainly didn't want to leave any litter behind.

easter egg hunt

All the kids brought their own baskets, and the moms packed lunches for their own kids so they could eat something nutritious before they found the candy in the eggs. When we were ready to let the kids loose on the hunt we told them how many they were each allowed to find so that everyone got the same amount. Once they found all their goodies and ate their treats, we let them run the sugar off with the other activities we brought such as bubbles, hula hoops, and balls.

And as a parting gift I made Easter shaped chocolate lollipops for each child to bring home for later. It was an awesome alternative to a standard play date and allowed us to get a big group together. And as an added bonus, it was inexpensive because all I had to buy was the plastic eggs and a few bags of candy.

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