Cedarworks: Super Fun Playgrounds for Indoors and Out

Nesting on 04.25.11
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There are few things more rewarding than watching a child's face light up as they arrive at a playground or have one installed in their own backyard. Last year, we purchased a playground tower and slide with a sandbox for my son's birthday and he was ecstatic. I cannot even imagine what the look on his face would have been like if we had bought a Cedarworks playground. Not only do they make really fun outdoor playgrounds, but they also have an amazing line of indoor playgrounds, making sure your children are fully entertained year round. In fact, I'm wondering if I purchase one, if I could offset the cost by having to put my children in daycare less. There is no doubt in my mind that I would always know where they were if we had one!

The Fun Stuff

Cedarworks bunk beds
Image Credit: Cedarworks

The Cedarworks Rhapsody series for indoor play includes basic playhouses and towers as well as full bunk beds and large scale indoor playgrounds complete with bridges. Oh, and did I mention that you can have a fire pole and slide attached to the bunk beds. I don't think it would be possible to wake up on the wrong side of the bed when you start the day like that. If you live in the extreme North or the extreme South where the weather has you spending a lot of time indoors, these are a surefire way to make sure your kids are getting plenty of activity all year round. I cannot think of a better thing to do with one of those over the garage bonus rooms or giant finished basements than to install one of these indoor playgrounds.

But of course, we are heading into summer and we want to make sure there is plenty of fun for outside too. Cedarworks has three levels of outdoor playgrounds in their line. The crème de la crème of their products is the Serendipity line. This line not only has lots of bells and whistles available such as a spyglass, triple rope ladder, and trapeze ball, but it also offers more graceful lines with arches, cottage roofs, and decorative details on the panels and roof tops so that it blends in with your landscape more fittingly.

Cedarworks Revelry
Image Credit: Cedarworks

The Revelry line is made from square timbers and as so is a little bit boxier aesthetically, but it also offers decorative paneling, shade awnings, giant slides, rock walls and even a boat structure as some of the many options. In addition, both the Revelry and Serendipity lines offer bench swings, hammocks, and picnic tables to ensure that the whole family can enjoy their home playground. The base line from Cedarworks is the Playaround line which is made from round wood posts that give it a more rustic feel. This line still offers a lot of the bells and whistles such as the rock wall, wavy slide, and tire swing, but doesn't have as many options. All of the playground sets can be completely customized to suit your space and needs.

The Good Stuff

Cedarworks Playaround
Image Credit: Cedarworks

And if all the fun wasn't enough, Cedarworks also stands for quality and the environment. All of their playgrounds are made exclusively from Northern White Cedar using the strongest part of the wood which will naturally age to a light gray shade. This wood is splinter-free, chemical-free, and maintenance-free that they source from small family-owned mills in Northern Maine and Canada, and the playgrounds are manufactured in Maine. The company also does a lot to give back to the environment such as donating thousands of seedlings each year to small woodlot owners and environmental groups, powering and heating their facilities with bio-fuel and green electricity, donating their sawdust for compost, donating 10% of their profits each year to environmental and children's charities and much more.  

The Damage

So, what's this going to cost you? Well, let's just say that you get what you pay for, and quality doesn't come cheap. That being said, the indoor Rhapsody playground components start at around $500 and for a giant 200 square foot indoor playground, you'll be looking at paying more than $10,000. But again, it is all customizable so you can make it work for you. The structure pricing for the Serendipity line begins at just over $1,400 with the most elaborate combinations running more than $50,000. The Revelry structure pricing begins at just over $700 and can go upwards of $25,000. The Playaround pricing ranges from about $1,400 to $3,000 for a complete set.

Whatever your price point, if you are looking for a fun, well-built, low maintenance, and environmentally friendly playground for indoors or out, Cedarworks seems like a good place to start. And I'm pretty sure that they will provide just as much entertainment for the parents too!

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