5 Products that Will Get Your Kids Excited About Gardening This Year

Nesting on 04.09.12
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As the weather gets warmer and we turn to spending more and more time in the garden growing flowers and vegetables, it's always fun to get the kids involved. Gardening can be a lot of work, but it's also very rewarding and kids are sure to love it once they get their hands in the dirt and start to reap the rewards of the seeds they sew. It's also great to get them involved at a young age both so that they can learn more about the process of growing and where their food comes from as well as because it's a great activity for the entire family to do together. Here are a few items that are sure to get the kids excited to participate in the garden this season.

1. Kid Size Garden Tools

kids garden tools
Photo Credit: Montessori Services

One thing is for sure, and that's that things aren't as fun when it's hard to maneuver the tools needed to get the job done. Provide the kids with a set of tools their own size so that they can get the work done more easily and because they'll like having their very own set that made just for them. (Child's Garden Tools, $38 for a set of 4)

2. Kid Size Wheelbarrow

kids wheelbarrow
Photo Credit: Land of Nod

Wheelbarrows are incredibly useful when moving heavy or awkward items from one spot in the garden to the next. Having one on hand that the kids can handle will prevent any complaints of things being "too hard" to move. And wheelbarrow races can be really fun! See how fast they can get from one end of the yard to the other carrying the plants or soil you need. (Radio Flyer Wheelbarrow, $49)

3. GardenFort

Photo Credit: Magic Cabin

What could be more fun in the garden than your very own fort? For those that don't have cavernous trees or oversized shrubs to hide under, the GardenFort should do the trick. Just set up the structure and plant the quick-growing seeds that are included at the base, and before you know it, the kids will have their very own magical garden hideaway. (GardenFort, $70)

4. Grow-with-Me Potting Bench

kids potting bench
Photo Credit: Hearth Song

Just as children love to have play kitchens and play houses, they'll love having their very own potter's bench where they can plant their pots, plan their garden, and store their tools just like mom and dad do. This one is adjustable both vertically and horizontally so it can grow with your child and their garden. (Grow-with-Me Potting Bench, $90)  

5. RolyPig Composter

rolypig composter
Photo Credit: RolyPig

Every gardener knows the importance of composting, and while some may not see it as a fun thing, it's one of the most environmentally friendly things you can do and is great for the health of the garden. The RolyPig Composter takes a dirty job and makes it a barrel of fun. This composter has four compartments and needs to be rolled once each week to move the compost to the next chamber to process. When it reaches the end, kids can slide the drawer out the back to dump the soil into the garden. (RolyPig Composter, $370)

These items are sure to get the kids excited about the garden and help create a passion that will serve them well throughout life.

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