5 Kid-Friendly Coffee Tables for Every Parent's Style

Nesting on 11.14.12
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The spot where you rest your favorite book, lay out appetizers when you’ve got guests over, and place your glass of water while watching television may not be something you often think twice about, but coffee tables are a leading cause of injuries for small children. Some parents go so far as to not even have a coffee table in their living space while others place those ugly foam protectors on the corners of them. But they’re not all dangerous, and it is possible to have furniture that doesn't require safety corners. These five coffee tables look great and won’t cause you stress every time your child toddles toward them.

1. Caden Leather Rectangular Ottoman

caden leather ottoman
Image: Pottery Barn

The Caden Leather Ottoman offers a rich and warm feeling for a traditional home. The soft leather and rounded corners ensure that your child won't cut themselves if they fall onto it, and leather is durable and easy to clean. The design of it also offers plenty of surface space to display your favorite items, store books and games, and it also can serve as extra seating if needed. (Caden Leather Ottoman, $999)

2. Carved Wood Coffee Table

west elm carved wood coffee table
Image: West Elm

For the home that gives a nod to the natural elements, this Carved Wood Coffee Table is void of sharp corners but still offers ample visual interest with its design. The large flat surface also makes for a sturdy spot to rest your glassware and makes for easy cleanup should something spill. And at only 12-inches high it's low to the ground which makes it easier for toddlers to hold onto. (Carved Wood Coffee Table, $299)

3. Isala Coffee Table 

isala table
Image: IKEA

Painted wood furniture is a favorite among many, but it often involves hard pointy edges. The Isala Coffee Table offers the sophisticated styling of painted wood furniture, but without al rounded edges. It's perfect for the cottage style home, and even offers additional storage with a rounded pull-out drawer. (Isala Coffee Table, $199)

4. Tufted Cube Ottoman

tufted cube ottoman

Image: Plow & Hearth

This Tufted Cube Ottoman when grouped in multiples is a great alternative to a traditional coffee table, particularly for more modern decor. In addition to being padded and covered in soft leather, it' easy to clean and can easily be rearranged to suit whatever type of entertaining you may be doing. They are also great for when the kids each want their own space and you can assign one to each child. (Tufted Cube Ottoman, $100 each)

5. Zuri Coffee Table

zuri coffee table
Image: Crate and Barrel

For those who prefer the mid-century modern design aesthetic with its clean lines and sharper angles but also want a piece that is safe enough for their children to be around, the Zuri Coffee Table is the solution. The solid wood round tabletop is free of sharp edges, but the base still offers angles that create the visual interest of that design era. (Zuri Coffee Table, $599)

While there are many coffee tables that are perfectly suitable for children to be around, there are also many that cause particular concern. Stay away from materials such as glass, mirror, and metal and shapes that have hard corners unless they are made from fabric or other soft materials. In addition to your life in general, your decor may have to change as well when you have a new baby, but have no fear, you can still get the look you want and have it be kid-friendly.

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