Marathon-Running Supermom Gives Birth After Crossing the Finish Line

Health & Wellness on 10.14.11
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Tie my own shoes, go to the bathroom without assistance, and sleep comfortably in any position other than sitting up: Those are just a few things I could not do in the 38th week of my both of my pregnancies. Mother Nature Network reports that Amber Miller, a 37-year-old woman from Chicago, completed the 26-mile Chicago Marathon and then, just a few short hours later, gave birth to a 7lb 13oz. baby girl.

Miller says the plan was to run just half of the marathon, which averages 20,000 runners each year, but once she got started, she found she could complete the whole thing with her husband at her side. An experienced runner, Miller has run three marathons while pregnant - this was her second during this pregnancy.

Her doctor approved the activity with the instructions not to do anything "out of the ordinary." For most, a 26-mile marathon so far into a pregnancy might be extraordinary, but this is an obvious testament to a woman knowing her own body and what it's capable of.

And if the world needed further proof that childbirth is a miraculous, complicated, and physically demanding experience that should be respected and applauded, Miller says that she isn't feeling any after effects from the marathon, but she's feeling them from delivery.

Kudos to her husband Joe who stood by her side and her decision to participate in the marathon. Mother and baby are doing fine. And should this cause you to feel inadequate during your final weeks of pregnancy, do like I did: Remind yourself that there's no way Amber Miller laced up her own running shoes. 

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