When Nursing Becomes Public Nudity

Health & Wellness on 05.18.11


Moms in Forest Park, Georgia, are no longer allowed to breastfeed in public if their child is older than 2, according to The Stir. The new ordinance prevents public nudity, said city manager John Parker, and includes extended breastfeeding. 

As The Stir's Christie Haskell points out:


In an attempt to "control public nudity," they've decided that nursing a child over the age of 2 will no longer be covered by the state law that excludes nursing women from being charged with indecent exposure. So for right now, my toddler and my nursing relationship is wholesome ... but in two months, suddenly it goes from me nursing her to illegal public nudity?


Before this law was passed, Forest Park only had an ordinance preventing public indecency that was targeted at the adult entertainment industry. 


What do you think of Forest Park's new law?


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