Trying to Get Pregnant? Stay Calm.

Health & Wellness on 05.18.11


More news for women undergoing IVF on how stress may be connected to conception: A study published June 1 shows that patients who included a stress-reducing mind/body program to their routine while recieving in vitro fertilization had double the success rate of women without the mental program.

The study looked at the success rates of the Mind/Body Program for Infertility at Boston IVF, a "10-week stress management program focus[ing] on 'cognitive behavior therapy, relaxation training, negative health behavior modification and social support components,'" according to Science Daily.

Though the study looked at only 100 women -- and the researchers admit they need to see the results of a larger group -- the women who had participated in at least five of the Mind/Body Program sessions had a 52 percent rate of pregnancy success, while the women who did not join the program had a 20 percent success rate.

"There is a strong indication that stress levels and IVF outcomes are linked," says head researcher Alice Domar, who implemented the program in 1987, "and that intervening with mind/body therapies can help." 

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