Top 8 Craziest Things I've Seen While Running

Health & Wellness on 10.13.10
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The top 8 craziest things I've seen while running (and my imagined Fairy tales of how they got there):

8. McDonald's burgers -- half eaten in their burger boxes. I imagine, after a few bites, guilt takes over and the calories are avoided by giving that fast food a hard toss to the side of the road! That'll fix 'em!

7. Gloves -- all sizes, shapes and types. I really cannot imagine how countless pairs of gloves are lined along the roads! Do the kids on the school bus play "Let's drive mom nuts and lose ANOTHER pair of gloves today??!"Kids, moms are on to you -- we ALL buy extra pairs from the minute the weather hints toward cold...

6. Dead snakes -- large ones, green ones, black ones, all flipped on their bellies. All scare me and make my adrenalin pump ... Especially those that are upright and staring at me ... (gulp!) before I realize they are, thankfully, already in the road-kill department! Whew!

5. A large bag of Planters whole peanuts. I'm talking a five-pound bag opened ... I can only assume for wild late afternoon or midnight snacking??! It was discarded by the edge of the road near a small thicket of trees. The squirrels in my area won't have to go far to store up for the harsh winter this year! Can't help but wonder if the local squirrels have appetites like my 8 "Squirrels?" The bulk bag of peanuts gave them away...

4. Litter -- lots of paper, trash, etc. Come on, America! Can we do no better to keep our America beautiful??? It's sad to run through the beautiful, quiet, relaxing countryside and see so much misplaced trash! I've always taught my kids not to "litter on God's beautiful creation!"

3. Alcohol bottles and cans and cigarette packages -- litter again, but this has a whole new imagined scenario... Were you drunk when you threw that? You could have crashed and killed my child! DON'T DRINK and DRIVE. I don't want to see the mess while I'm running, but I REALLY don't want see someone get hurt!

2. A large sports trophy ... tossed to the side of the road. It was so close to the edge that I nearly tripped on it. I imagined it was my trophy for having nearly completed my seven miles that day ... but when rationality took over, I assured myself it merely got away from the trash collectors!

1. Today's find tipped me over the edge: It made me laugh during my long tedious trip... It was a purple and white bath "poof"... Not sure what YOU call them, but in my house they are those fluffy things you scrub yourself squeaky clean in the shower with! Anyway, I imagined a 2 year old got a hold of the Wal-Mart bag and entertained himself by throwing the contents out the window! I guess we should be glad that it wasn't raining tampons instead!

Yeah, it's a strange sort of entertainment when running along the road ... you just never know what you'll find ... Still waiting for Mr. Right to be my next crazy find out there ... Doubting I'll find him along the road while I'm running, but I'll never say never...