Tired of Hitting the Gym? Look to Your Past for Exercise Inspiration

Health & Wellness on 11.12.12
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Image: Sarah Fernandez

While there have been times in my life when I’ve been a regular gym-goer, phoning it in on the elliptical is not exactly my idea of a good time. Sure, I could get myself there to do it, but there was often that conversation in my head where I had to convince myself that doing it would be much more worth it than relaxing in front of the tube. I’ve certainly been remiss when it comes to exercise for the past few years, but as I’m aging, I know it’s a really important factor in my health, and I’ve been looking for ways to incorporate it that get me excited about it again, like I used to be when I hit team practice every afternoon in high school. And it turns out I really didn’t need to look that far. I just needed to look to what I was doing back then.

My son started playing hockey last month, and as a beginner he really needed some extra time on the ice just practicing his skating. I started out figure skating when I was three-years-old and eventually made the switch to hockey myself in junior high school. I love to skate, but it has fallen off my radar as an activity since I’ve had small children other than the occasional whirl around the small outdoor rink in town. But with my son needing the extra practice, I decided to take him to public skating where he plays one Sunday afternoon and realized that while it was helping him with his skills, it was also incredibly cathartic for me. Every Sunday since, we’ve been hitting the ice, and even when I don’t feel well or am exhausted, the combination of the cold air and being active in a way that seems like anything but a chore completely reinvigorates me. Plus I’m getting quality time with my son.

Skating might not be your sport of choice, but think back to what you did when you were younger to be active and have fun. Pick up that tennis racquet again or lace up those running shoes. Find a flag football league or start playing volleyball again. While you might not be as spry as you once were, it’s amazing how great it will feel to do what you once loved so much again. And you’ll never have to convince yourself to walk through those gym doors again.

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