The Six Big Sleep Problems Facing Your Child

Health & Wellness on 05.18.11


You may be eagerly awaiting the day your baby can sleep through the night, visions of uninterrupted slumber dancing in your awake-every-two-hours head, but as CNN points out, older kids can have sleep problems of their own -- and they can be much more serious than those of babies. 

Lack of sleep can leave kids cranky and agressive, affect their school performance, and impact their growth and development, while disorders like sleepwalking can put them in physical danger.

CNN lists six top sleep problems -- apnea and snoring, anxiety, lack of exercise or screen time overload, waking up at night, sleepwalking, and restless leg syndrome -- and offers parents tips on how to identify and address each issue.

The doctors interviewed also remind parents that a consistent bedtime routine, limited cell phone use, and cutting out the caffeine in chocolate and soda can help improve sleep habits. There's also that tried-and-true standard: A regular sleep schedule. "Most kids adapt easily if bedtime is missed once a week," says one doctor, "but more often, and you're asking for trouble."


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