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Welcome to the second trimester! You're a third of the way there, and this is the time where you'll most likely start feeling a little more human and a lot less tired. There's still a lot more developing to do on the part of your baby, though, and a lot more expanding to do on the part of your waistline.

What Your Doctors Will Tell You

I hope you like your doctor, because at this stage, you will be visiting him or her more often, probably around once a month or so (or more). While your chance of a miscarriage significantly decreases in your second trimester, there are still some not-so-fun things that may be happening like dizziness, constipation, and swelling. And your veins may seem like they have taken on a neon hue and glow right through your skin.

On the up-side, your morning sickness may have dissipated some, and your energy levels may be on the rise. Unfortunately for me, I was sick and tired for most of my pregnancy, but that's not typical. Many women say the second trimester brings almost a feeling of euphoria and they have more energy than they've ever had before.

As for the peanut, he or she is growing at a rapid rate, along with your size of your clothes. Hitting about the 3-inch mark and weighing around an ounce, your baby's skeleton is continuing to form and his or her vocal chords are starting to develop. Just think of all of those giggles, "I love yous," and temper tantrums you'll be able to hear. Your baby can also move his or her limbs, so be on the lookout for a wave during your next ultrasound.

What Your Girlfriends Will Tell You

Now that you have all of this extra energy, you have to find something to do with it. For a lot of women, that means sex -- lots and lots of sex. Your raging hormones may lead to an increase in your sex drive, which is perfectly healthy. No matter what your partner may worry about, you won't hurt the baby by doing the deed.

On the other hand, you may have a significant decrease in your sex drive, and that's completely normal, too. In fact, you and your partner may agree that having sex is the last thing on your mind. Pregnancy can take a mental and physical toll on you both, which can lead to no hanky-panky. But don't stress out about it; it won't last forever.

In the meantime, now is a good time to do some research. Look into what kind of birthing classes you want to take and where they're offered. They can fill up fast, so it doesn't hurt to start early. You should also start thinking about the nursery. Even though you don't know the sex yet, and won't until closer to week 20, you can still designate where the nursery will be, if you'll have a theme, and what kind of furniture you'll need to buy.

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