On the Run

Health & Wellness on 07.09.10
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I'm Running Away!!!!!! (and running right back home in an hour.

You've likely seen all of the excessive nonsensical, ridiculous write-ups about how I've been working on fitness and running a lot...

Well, I have been but it's nothing new. I've been running in my basement on my treadmill nearly every day for two years now. The only change is that I have increased my running time and relocated my runs to the outside. Can you blame me? It's summertime and there are plenty of “tracks” to run right outside my front door. The weather is gorgeous and the farmland scenery is, too!

I couldn't run outside last summer due to the sometimes 15 (!) cars of paparazzi that would, like a funeral procession, follow me wherever I went. But this year I am thanking the media gods (if there is such a thing) that the paparazzi attention has decreased somewhat at home, and as long as I vary my route and time of day that I run, the few pap that remain rarely catch me running. (When they do, they ruin my concentration and it steals my "alone" time—grrr!)

I run to get away ... my mind wanders and I don't know where I am or where it is ... but I get lost in a “zone.” I enjoy the pain and accomplishment of running five miles up and down hills each day. I enjoy the fact that every time I start running down my driveway toward the road, I'm convinced that this time I CAN'T run five miles ... but always do.

I enjoy the fact that if I run, I see results pretty quickly. Body changes happen and it makes me want to run again tomorrow. I enjoy the fact that my kids see me running because they want to run... and be healthy, too!

There is really nothing I don't enjoy about running ... it's a great way for moms especially to “run away”... I encourage you to try it! Start with short distances and build up... like my Nike shirt says, “No one has ever regretted it”! You won't, I promise!

Oh, but moms, please make sure you run home when you are done ... Someone’s gotta make dinner! :)

It's a beautiful day! :0)