Just Try Not to Cry: Baby's Reaction to Hearing His Mother's Voice for the First Time (Video)

Health & Wellness on 12.12.11
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Video: YouTube

Listen up: this kid did!

After a lifetime of silence, the 8-month-old baby boy shown in this video was finally treated to the clearly blissful sound of his mother's voice, thanks to the activation of a cochlear implant. How this woman kept from breaking down in hysterics at her child's overjoyed reaction is beyond me, but my guess is that she didn't want to scare him, or she was simply too happy for tears.

Cochlear implants have become more common in recent years, with roughly 2 million people, from infants to the elderly, sporting such a device. It's not meant for people with mild hearing loss, however. Instead, candidates generally have severe to complete hearing loss that a hearing aid can't make a dent in.

Consider bookmarking this video for those days when you feel like the world is a terrible place, or you're just feeling a little extra blah. Trust me - it's an excellent pick-me-up to witness the moment that this child's binky falls out of his mouth to be followed by a massive grin.

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