Is Trampoline Jumping Worth the Risk of Injury?

Health & Wellness on 09.29.12
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Are trampolines really too dangerous for kids to use? The American Academy of Pediatrics (AAP) believes that the number and the severity of the injuries caused by trampolines makes them too risky for children to use safely. They reaffirmed their position and highly discourage the use of recreational trampolines at home and on playgrounds

The AAP states that there is no safe way to use a trampoline that will reduce the chance of injury. Children experience sprains, strains, and contusions more frequently on trampolines than adults. Close to 50% of the injuries involve a fracture or a dislocation, with children under the age of 5 at the highest risk for the most significant injuries. Many home insurance companies will not cover trampoline related accidents, so the homeowner is liable if a neighbor gets hurt on their property.

After hearing the latest warnings, one of my friends was contemplating whether buying a bouncy house was a good idea for her two preschoolers to use at home. She obviously doesn't want to put her children in an environment that would endanger them, but she thought that they would get a lot of enjoyment out of using one.

There are many risks in childhood, and at times I feel my child should be wearing a helmet all day to protect her from whatever danger she might encounter. At a certain point, there's only so much we can do to keep them safe even with close supervision. I don't see recreational trampoline use going away anytime soon, but hopefully the latest report from the AAP will encourage families to use common sense and provide boundaries for jumping.

I think my friend has decided to go ahead and buy the bouncy house. She plans to use a strategy to keep them safe.  It includes only allowing one child to use it at a time and a parent will always be present to monitor their jumping.  Has the AAP's recommendation changed your view on letting your children use trampolines?

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