Do Moms of Twins Live Longer Than Other Mothers?

Health & Wellness on 05.12.11

Photo: Kurt Krieger/Corbis

Though parenting a set of twins may leave you feeling completely drained at the end of the day, a new study offers some potentially good news: Mothers of twins live longer than mothers of singles, says MSNBC.

Of course, there's one big caveat: The study looked at women in Utah in the 1800s. In those cases, researchers theorize, the mothers who gave birth to twins were stronger and healthier to begin with, so spontaneous twins were an evolutionary way to pass on those hardier genes in larger numbers. The study doesn't necessarily mean that mothers who conceive twins using in-vitro fertilization would have the same extended lifespan.

Here's how the researchers from the University of Utah break down the numbers:

Flying in the face of the assumption that a double pregnancy would sap a woman's strength, the researchers found that moms of twins beat moms of only singletons on every measure. They lived longer, had longer reproductive life spans, needed less time to recover between pregnancies, and had more children overall. The moms of twins born before 1870 had on average 1.9 more children than moms of singletons in their age group, and the moms in the post-1870 group each had 2.3 kids more than their singleton mom counterparts.


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