Did Victoria Beckham Choose the Sex of Her Baby?

Health & Wellness on 03.28.11
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Victoria Beckham, also known as Posh Spice, is the girliest of girly girls. Not only is she a fashion icon in her own right, but she's also a fashion designer, bringing her aesthetic to the masses (if you can afford it). She always dresses the part and can usually be found in towering heels and ginormous sunglasses. She's also the wife of a professional footballer and the mother to three rambunctious boys. So, what's a fashion girl to do? Keep trying for a baby girl, of course.

There are a lot of tips, tricks, and advice floating around about how you can sway the sex of your unborn child. Did you know if you want a girl, the man should take a hot bath before intercourse to kill off the weaker male sperm?  And if it's a boy you're after, the woman needs to lower her vaginal PH, so she doesn't kill the male sperm. Confused yet? No problem. Just grab $20,000 and head out to your nearest fertility clinic for a fun round of IVF and 100 percent (or close to it) guarantee you'll have the baby you want.

It sounds easy enough, but it's quite a grueling procedure. Eggs are extracted from the mother, a very painful process that could include nausea, swelling, and constipation. The sperm that the father shot into a little cup (our scientific estimation) are then placed with the mother's eggs for fertilization. After several days, the embryos are examined to determine if there are any abnormalities and what the sex will be of that particular embryo. Once the desired sex is determined, the embryo is placed inside of the mother's uterus to carry out the remainder of the pregnancy. But, that's only when the IVF treatment was successful and the embryo actually survives the process. In 2008, IVF didn't work in more than half of the cycles performed.

Now, before we start any rumors, there's absolutely no evidence that the Beckhams sought any sort of medical help in their quest to have a girl. In fact, there's no evidence that they actually were trying for a girl. From the outside, a little baby Posh just seems like the last piece in the Beckham family circle of perfection. I guess we'll never know if Becks changed his position in the bedroom or if Posh changed her diet leading up to conception. Whatever they did or didn't do, congratulations to the Beckham family! That little girl will have an adoring father, three overprotective brothers, and a wardrobe to rival that of her mother's, we're sure.

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