Can This Clown Help You Get Knocked Up?

Health & Wellness on 03.30.11

The medical world has shown before that laughter really is some of the best medicine, but a new study from Israeli researchers showed that it can increase the success rate for women undergoing IVF treatments.

In the study, the group of women that were treated to 15 minutes of antics from a hospital clown after their procedure had a 16 percent higher rate of success than the group that didn't, according to the results published in Fertility and Sterility. But not all clowns are created equal when it comes to conception: "It wasn't easy to find the correct personage of the clown," Dr. Shevach Friedler told Reuters in this video. "For instance, the red-nosed clown does not work. It does not work for women and infertility." 

The study isn't a sure thing -- Friedler admits that it would make sense to research other stress-reduction processes, and The Guardian points out that the role emotional stress plays in infertility is still unclear.

But on Jezebel, where they titled the story "Clowns Can Help You Get Pregnant", commenters are offering their own clever responses, like this one from BettyCrockerPunkRocker: "Oh girl, please. Britney Spears discovered that a clown can get you pregnant YEARS ago." 


Screenshot: Reuters 

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