Are Your Teens Getting Enough Sleep?

Health & Wellness on 04.18.11

Photo: TorreBarolo/Creative Commons

It's no surprise that regular naps and a healthy sleep schedule are essential to the growth and development of your baby -- but new research shows that it's just as important for teens to get enough shut-eye, according to MSNBC

A poll from the National Sleep Foundation shows that teens get two hours less sleep than they should during the week -- only about 7.5 hours a night -- which can interfere with brain development; makes teens more likely to develop attention deficient disorder; and leaves them more susceptible to obesity, depression, and illness. 

"When kids seriously limit their sleep, any number of bad consequences can ensue," says Dr. Mary Carskadon, Bradley Hospital's director of Chronobiology and Sleep Resarch.

Part of the deprivation, experts say, comes from technology that can keep kids "too wired for sleep"; They suggest taking cell phones, TVs, and computers out of your teen's bedroom to encourage better sleep habits. 

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