Are there GMOs in Your Baby's Formula?

Health & Wellness on 07.24.13
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While the battle over labeling genetically modified organisms (GMO) in food is heating up to hopefully a breaking point, there are still no requirements in the U.S. for labeling these ingredients so it's up to the consumer to be aware of what's in their food. You may think you are feeding your family a healthy diet, but there's a good chance that there are GMOs hiding in it somewhere, whether it be in your produce, dairy, or starches. Of particular concern are the GMOs in baby formula. While we know that breast is best, some people struggle to breastfeed or make a choice not to (which is ok) for their own reasons, and unfortunately, baby formula is one of those foods that can easily be filled with GMO ingredients. So if you are feeding your baby formula, how do you know if it is safe from GMOs?

The only real way to know for sure is if the labeling says that it is GMO-free. There are some formula manufacturers that have taken the Non-GMO Project Standard. The Non-GMO Shopping Guide reports that some popular and easy-to-find manufacturers of formula such as Earth's Best participate in this program. Products that have a 100-percent organic or USDA certified organic label on them should also be GMO-free because the government doesn't allow genetically modified foods in these products.

If you aren't sure, look at the ingredient label. Ingredients commonly found in formula such as corn and soy are considered to be some of the highest risk crops for GMO contamination with 88-percent and 94-percent, respectively, of the crops, being found to contain GMOs according to Non-GMO Project. Milk is also considered to be at high risk of containing GMOs because of contamination in the feed of the cows. 

It's unfortunate, but chances are that unless it clearly states that the product is free of GMOs, there are probably GMOs in your baby's formula so just as with everything else you buy for baby, shop carefully.

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