ADHD and Learning Disorders Linked to Secondhand Smoke Exposure

Health & Wellness on 07.14.11


Just after the release of a new study that defined the birth defects caused by smoking while pregnant comes more information on how secondhand smoke can affect kids: CNN's The Chart reports that it makes them more susceptible to ADHD and learning disorders. 

The American Academy of Pediatrics put together the study, which "found that children exposed to secondhand smoke in the home had a 50 percent increased risk of developing two or more childhood neurobehavioral disorders compared with children who were not exposed at home," says CNN.

A second study from the Academy found that there may be good news for kids who grow up around secondhand smoke and think that it's "unpleasant" or "gross": They were 78 percent less likely to start smoking than kids who didn't mind the smell.

Do you allow secondhand smoke in your home?

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