4 Ways to Get Exercise on Your Calendar

Health & Wellness on 11.12.12
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Have you scheduled a time to work out regularly? Parents spend a lot of time (and money) on their children’s physical activities. We sign them up for dance class, soccer teams, and swim lessons, even when it requires lots of time in the car shuffling them around.  We tend to forget about how important it is that we schedule the same time to move our own bodies.

One of the best ways to motivate your kids to stay active is to model that behavior with your own choices.  Find a way to make a weekly commitment to exercise so you can maintain your own fitness goals. It might not be realistic for you to work out 5 days a week like you did before starting a family, but even committing to one consistent opportunity for yourself to exercise can decrease stress and improve your health.

1. Plan an active date night. Schedule a sitter and get moving with your partner. Whether you play a pick up game of tennis or try out a yoga class together, doing something physical can spice up date night and help keep you both healthy. It’s a great chance to get out of the comfort zone, such as by taking a Zumba class together, and have some fun as a couple.

2. Sign up for an activity. Register yourself up for a class too. There are plenty of opportunities for adults to play sports or to learn something new like martial arts. Paying for and being registered for a class can help you go the extra mile to get yourself out of the house to exercise.

3. Make a play date. One of the main obstacles for moms getting regular exercise is finding childcare. Pair up with a friend so that you can take turns watching each other’s kids. One of you can workout while the other supervises the children.  If childcare isn’t an issue, set a time when you can workout together to help keep you both on track.

4. Take it outside.  Take a walk everyday. Whether you can take advantage of getting out of the house without your kids or you have to bundle them up in the stroller, being outside is good for the whole family. Walking doesn’t require a lot of special equipment or resources. It starts with taking a few steps to get out the door and taking the time to enjoy the scenery. Keep walks challenging by finding hills and keep your pace quick enough to sustain some intensity.

What tips have you discovered to stay consistent with your workout program?

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