3 Toys to Borrow From Your Kids for a Challenging At-Home Workout

Health & Wellness on 02.18.13
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Do you find you’re unable to leave the house in order to exercise? Certainly getting to the gym is more than half of the battle to maintain overall wellness and to reach weight loss goals. However, I’m a firm believer that you can get an amazing at home workout without special equipment and while keeping your kids involved. In fact, you can even borrow a few fun toys from your kids to combine with various body weight exercises like squats and planks to build a family-friendly at home workout.

Hula Hoop.  The hula-hoop is a secret weapon for shaping up. Not only will it strengthen your core, but it will also strengthen your low-back muscles at the same time. Hooping, as it is commonly called, offers the opportunity for a low-impact cardio workout and builds overall joint mobility through the hip, knees, and spine. There are even weighted hula-hoops that slow down the rate of rotation and will give your core muscles an even greater workout to help you quickly meet your health goals.

Hopscotch. Break out the sidewalk chalk (or even painter’s tape) and build an agility ladder. Performing agility drills will give you a great cardio workout because it requires you to move fast. This also will improve your coordination and balance, while strength training your legs. Simple agility movements for beginners are to jump forward with both feet into each box you’ve built or to hop in and out of boxes to the right and left. Have fun exploring the different patterns you can create while jumping, hopping, tapping, or even dancing your way through the movements.

Balance Boards. Learning to balance is really useful for children with sensory-processing disorders or for those who need to further develop their motor skills. Luckily for parents, these boards are also a challenging way to practice balance and get a major core workout. Research has shown that balance board training can help prevent ankle sprains by strengthening the joint and stabilizing muscles. Beyond standing on a balance board, it can also be used similarly to an exercise ball to add a degree of difficulty to any movement, such as a plank hold

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