15 Items to Include in Care Packages to Those Affected by Hurricane Sandy

Health & Wellness on 11.06.12
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The images from the aftermath of Hurricane Sandy have been staggering, and most of us know someone (if not many people) who has been affected by this mega storm. The level of destruction is unfathomable for those along the New York and New Jersey shorelines where homes have been destroyed, and there are millions across the region that are still out of power and will be for several more days. And with no power, that means that many are also without water or heat. My family was lucky to have not been greatly affected by the storm, although many businesses and homes in our area of Rhode Island were. I can’t complain about being out of power for a day, but with small children it is certainly very difficult, and I have great sympathy for those families with small children who have been eating canned foods for a week, reading books by candlelight at bedtime, and layering up their clothes to try to get through the cold nights. They could really use a replenishment of both necessities and pick-me-ups. Putting together a care package for your loved ones who have been affected by the hurricane is a great idea and here are a few things that will be both useful and much appreciated.

1. Batteries of Various Sizes
2. Hand Crank Flashlight
3. Candles
4. Hats and Mittens
5. Hand Warmers
6. Blankets
7. Dry Shampoo
8. Baby Wipes
9. Coloring/Activity Books and Crayons/Markers
10. Board Games or Card Games
11. A Good Book
12. Fresh Fruit
13. Trail Mix
14. Juice Boxes
15. A Bottle of Wine

The truth is that anything you can offer to those in need is going to be helpful, but the above list will help keep your loved ones safe, warm, clean, nourished, and entertained. And the good feeling they get when they receive it will make their day not only because they’ve received items that will help them, but because they’ll be reminded by how much someone cares about them. And even if their power comes back on while the package is en route, they’ll be well stocked for the next time the power goes out.

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