Top 10 Reasons to Go Back to Your School Reunion

Family Travel on 06.09.11
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There is something life-affirming about reconnecting with people who knew you when you were a different you. Or is it the same you inside your not-same body? 

I've been back to my 5th, 15th, and 20th college reunions. I didn't know everyone there, but I ended up finding a lot of familiar faces. And I was surprised to meet people I didn't know in college, but who were really fun and interesting to talk to.

Here are my top 10 reasons to pull out that party dress and head down memory lane.

  1. If you combine it with a girls' weekend, you'll always have someone to talk to. 
  2. You might run into an old flame. (If he's balding and paunchy, you'll snuff out that flicker for good.)
  3. If you're single, you might not be single much longer. (I know of several happy marriages that began at reunions.)
  4. You'll probably discover people working in your same field. (Bring business cards and remember to get theirs.)
  5. You'll probably discover people living right near you. (Exchange e-mail addresses and organize a potluck in your neighborhood.)
  6. It's comforting to see that other people are getting old and wrinkly too. (Hey, we're all in this together.)
  7. If you need a change of scene (or break from the routine), a blast from the past will do the trick.
  8. You could make new friends. (People change. A lot. You might totally click with someone you had nothing in common with 10 years ago.)
  9. Connecting with other people always makes people feel good. Laugh, reminisce, sympathize, be curious. Come with an open heart and you won't be disappointed.
  10. The more connections you make, the stronger social network you create. Think of it as free (and fun) life insurance. Remember these people have known you since you had braces, or the Freshman 15, and they might just be there later if you, God forbid, lose your house or break your hip.

So go back and see those people who knew you before you had kids, when you were a party animal, a bookworm, or a star athlete. Who were you? Who are you? You might just learn something new -- and have fun doing it.

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