Life’s a (Traditional) Beach!

Family Travel on 08.18.10
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Last year, I took my kids to Bald Head Island and spent -- not enough -- time there. We all sadly said goodbye as we rode the ferry back to shore for the last time, not knowing if we'd ever have the pleasure of visiting old Baldy’s home off the North Carolina shore again...

It was a time when my life was turning upside down, and I actually remember escaping the conflict in my mind and then following suit in real life, seeking refuge anywhere that I could step away and think.

We had already been plagued daily by the paparazzi for a few months and felt hunted down like a family of deer around Thanksgiving time. In addition to that, my marriage was coming to an end, and the tension in the house could be easily sliced with a knife.

It was mandatory at that time that I give my kids some carefree time to breathe easy, as well as some additional undivided attention from mommy ... Showing them it would all be okay...

And so we found the “delightfully boring” fun on Bald Head Island to be the perfect prescription for the respite we needed. Each day our decisions were simple: to the beach or the pool? What to cook for dinner? Will we have ice cream after dinner? These were the only daily questions that needed answers.

Having left my stress on shore, the kids and I made some amazingly happy memories last year -- so many that we longed to return this year to make more...

We not only returned this year, but also hope to return each year and have decided to make this our Gosselin summer tradition ... To match our many Gosselin winter traditions. To me, there is nothing like a well-made tradition to help us reflect on the years past as well as project forward to the years ahead!

Thanks Bald Head Island for providing the rest, relaxation and connection this family -- as well as so many other families we've had the privilege of meeting here -- needs year after year after year!

It's a beautiful day! :0)