iPad Apps To Keep Your Kids Entertained On Long Trips

Family Travel on 06.02.11
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Chances are you have a family trip on the calendar this summer. Whether you're taking your kids on a cross country flight or a drive to the beach, keeping them entertained for long stretches is always challenging. I have found my iPad to be invaluable in helping get my daughters (age 7) through those periods. While movies and TV shows are always good, interactive (and even educational) apps can also kill empty hours and help develop skills. Here are some apps that have been a hit with my kids:

Cut the Rope $1.99 (from the makers of Angry Birds, another fave): In this game, players must maneuver a piece of candy into monster Om Nom's mouth using a combination of logic, basic physics, and gravity, while avoiding enemies and other obstacles. There are a lot of levels, each introducing new features and challenges.

Little Things $2.99 - This is a series of scavenger hunts, where players search collages built of thousands of little objects. Each time you play, you have to find different things, so the game is new every time.

Hangman $0.99 - Yep, good ol' Hangman. This version is great for beginning spellers, and there are categories that help narrow down the answers.

Cake Doodle $0.99 - My daughters have spent hours playing this game, where players design cakes of all shapes and sizes, adding frosting, lettering, and decorations. You can also save their creations and create a gallery of cakes.

Fruit Ninja  $0.99 - Not much educational value here, but slicing fruit and seeing it splatter across the screen is fun.

Cupcakes Shop $0.99 - Think "Memory" for the iPad, where all of the pictures are different cupcakes.

Do you have any iPad app faves to share?