Find Out if Your Kid has One of America's Most-Hated Baby Names

Family Matters on 05.05.11

Photo: Joelk75/Creative Commons  

It's easy to find out which baby names are the most popular -- records from the Social Security Adminstration go back decades -- but figuring out which ones are the most hated presents a much greater challenge. 

Laura Wattenberg, founder of Baby Name Wizard, wanted to see which names were the least liked -- and see how those compared to the names that are most common -- so she turned to a group of people known for being brutally honest about their loves and hates: Internet commenters.

Wattenberg says she "scoured the web for conversations about baby names people can't stand," ending up with more than 1,500 name mentions from message boards that she then tallied by spelling and sound. 

The results: The least-liked name for girls is Nevaeh ("Grounds for objection," writes Wattenberg, "included look, sound, and origin, the whole package."), which is followed by Destiny, Madison, Mackenzie, and McKenna. Addison, Gertrude, Kaitlyn, Makayla, Bertha, and Hope rounded out the top ten.

For boys, the most frequently-based name was Jayden -- and although four of the next five names one the list are Brayden, Aiden, Kaden, and Hayden, Wattenberg found that Jayden was "frequently singled out." Other boys' names that made the list: Hunter, Bentley, Tristan, Michael, and Jackson.

Tracking the likes and dislikes of people on the Internet isn't an especially scientific methodology, and Wattenberg says that she has no intention of hating on anyone's name; she points out that a lot of the names on the list are super-popular monikers that people are just getting sick of hearing. "Many of the names listed are simply victims of their own success," she writes. "In fact, almost every name in the top 10 for boys or girls received at least one 'hate it' vote. Realistically, your little Aiden and Addison will be comfortably in the fashion mainstream, and any currents of negativity will flow right by them."

What do you think of the names on these lists: Love them or hate them?