Is Your Child Gifted? Check These 11 Traits to Find Out

Family Matters on 03.05.12
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Have you ever wondered if your preschooler is a head above the pack in the realm of intelligence? How do you know if your kid is simply smart, or if he or she technically falls into the "gifted" category?

The Mother Company interviewed child psychologist Dr. Stephanie Meyer, who identified traits to help parents figure out if their children could be considered gifted.

Unless otherwise noted, the signs outlined here apply to kids in the age range of 4 - 6 years old. Signs of giftedness can include:

1. Advanced vocabulary and verbal expression.

2. Excellent memory.

3. The ability to grasp advanced concepts (like already mulling the meaning of life or death at a very young age).

4. Early reading skills.

5. Interest in maps, puzzles, and clocks.

6. Heightened emotional depth and sensitivity.

7. Advanced sense of humor.

8. Intense alertness and awareness of the world around them - almost from birth.

9. Early mathematics ability.

10. Incredible knack for telling stories.

11. Advanced visual-spatial skills, such as playing with advanced Lego kits and other building toys.

Gifted kids often need education support so that they don't become bored or frustrated in a school environment. They may also need more gentle or collaborative types of discipline to effectively correct behavior. If you suspect your child is gifted, it may benefit you and your child to seek an evaluation and support from a psychologist.

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