Would You Sign Your 3-Year-Old Up for Pole Dancing Classes?

Family Matters on 06.13.11


The Make Me Fabulous dance studio in Northampton, England, recently put a new class on its schedule, reports The Daily Mail: alongside Zumba, meditation, and pole dancing for adults you'll now find "Little Spinners," a pole dancing class for kids under 16. 

The studio's website describes the class as a place where kids "Learn to lift, spin, climb and fly in a safe and fun environment. Help your children use their bodies, move, balance and be free" -- and, according to the Daily Mail, the instructors claim that the class "helps youngsters keep fit and boosts their self-esteem." 

"I am trying to remove the stigma from pole dancing and show that it actully helps children keep fit and learn balance, much like gym classes," says instructor Carly Wilford. "Nothing has meaning apart from the meaning someone attaches to it."

The basic idea behind the class may not be all that different from gymnastics -- but the social constructs of pole dancing are very different, and with the girls in the class ranging from 3-7 years old, the moves aren't always appropriate, says Claude Knights, director of UK anti-bullying charity Kidscape. "The children will innocently enjoy copying the raunchy moves they learn, but be completely unaware of the sexual messages they send out which inevitably can have dangerous results."  

Do you think the class is fun and innocent -- or inappropriate for kids?

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