What Do Your Kids Know About Online Safety?

Family Matters on 05.18.11


For this week's Cyber Safety Awareness Day, The Washington Post's Margaret Webb Pressler interviewed a group of fifth graders about the safety precautions they take online, from steering clear of mature websites to avoiding cyberbullying

The students -- all from Ramsay Elementary in Alexandria, Vir. -- had plenty of solid information to share: They knew not to assume that people online are who they say they are, "even if you can see their name and picture"; they make a point of spelling web addresses correctly so that they aren't forwarded to inappropriate sites; and they agreed that putting a computer in a public part of your home prevents kids from seeing things they shouldn't ("It's safer in the living room or in an area where lots of people go," explained one student).

They're also aware of how fast insults and cyberbulling can spread, and suggested that you should "be nice in the things you write."

See more of their knowledge and tips at The Washington Post, and use the comments to tell us how you keep your kids safe online. 


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