UK Prime Minister Leaves 8-Year-Old Daughter in the Pub

Family Matters on 06.12.12
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Photo: Tim Dobson/Creative Commons

The BBC reports that British Prime Minister David Cameron and his wife recently left their 8-year-old daughter in the pub by mistake. Having enjoyed a lunchtime meal with friends, the couple each got into their own vehicle under the assumption that the other was taking care of their daughter. 

The mistake was only realized once the pair got home and realized Nancy was not with them. Cameron apparently immediately rushed back to the pub, where Nancy was found with pub staff helping out with clean up. 

A spokesperson refused to reveal whether the couple had been drinking alcohol. 

Now given my stereotypically liberal views on everything from climate change to gay marriage, it's probably no surprise to many that I am no fan of Mr Cameron's Conservative Party. But I must say that my heart went out to the couple listening to this story - because I can only imagine how terrifying it must have been. And I can also imagine how easily this could happen to any of us. 

When I wrote previously about a father who accidentally left his baby in the car, one commenter said they "simply cannot understand" how anyone would forget about their child. And yet it happens every day, and to ordinary parents who are going about their daily lives and simply suffer a lapse in concentration or a miscommunication. 

Also over at the BBC, Kathryn Westcott explains how her own forgotten child moment happened recently:

In our case, we streamed off down the road for a family event at the local church, three generations in tow. It was only when one five-year-old asked where his similarly aged cousin was that panic set in. Frantic messages were verbally sent between the grown-ups, until we discovered that he hadn't been seen since we left the house. After a mad dash down the street, we discovered him at home, oblivious to the alarm that had been caused by that moment of parental negligence. Like the Camerons, one parent simply assumed he was with the other.

So once again we get a reminder that Judge Not must be the first rule of parenting. Well that, and don't leave your kids in the pub...

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