Moving 16 Kids into Four New Homes: How the Sister Wives Cope

Family Matters on 07.01.11
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Robyn is Kody Brown's fourth wife. They have been married since 2010. Robyn has three children from her previous marriage: David, Aurora, and Breann. Their lives in a plural family are featured in TLC's popular program Sister Wives.

We just moved to Las Vegas in January and because there really isn't a "Big House" here with four apartments, our family culture is a little different these days. All the parents decided that to make sure the kids have access to each other we will be very accommodating and always give the kids permission to go to the other three houses. 

At my house I have a lot of toys, dolls, movies, video games and the trampoline so the younger kids love to come over.  Janelle's house has been pool party central. Meri’s is a good place for a kid or two to go over and get special "Meri time", to have more formal family gatherings, and also a great place for the teens to gather.  Christine’s has a  shallower pool, a big driveway for riding bikes and Christine is always cooking something.  So each home has different perks and a different mom to hang out with.

We have found that the ice cream truck comes around a lot in the neighborhood. Since we can't afford it every time, I decided that I would always have popsicles and ice cream drumsticks for the kids to have whenever they want.  One of the most favorite Brown family treats is ice cream.  A common scene is Kody or Logan standing in front of an open freezer, a quart of ice cream in hand, scraping off the top with a fork.  Yea, a fork.  So I always make sure I have ice cream on hand for the ice cream lovers, as well.  My plan has paid off.  I always have frequent random visitors who know their visit will have a sweet payoff! 


Robyn and Kody Brown. Image credit: DCL

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