Boy Suspended for Singing 'Sexy and I Know It'?!

Family Matters on 05.10.12
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Does this make sense to you? CNN has the story of a Colorado first grader suspended from school for singing "Sexy and I Know It." Really?! My daughter was singing it the other morning, before the bus came to pick her up. I hope she doesn't do that in school. 

Granted, my daughter is in 5th grade. But my other daughter is in second. And both of them are known to (innocently) sing the LMFAO song once in a while, even if I'm pretty sure they don't know what LMFAO means. 

So what? Of course, children shouldn't be "sexy." But suspending a kid from school for "sexual harrassment"?

According to the report, the boy was suspended for three days from Sable Elementary School in Aurora for quoting the song. He apparently sang it to a female classmate, twice. 

Now was he just singing the chorus, or was he getting into the lyrics? "Girl, look at that body"? Did he mean what he sang? 

Sure, this may be a "teaching moment." Teacher/parent to child: "You shouldn't sing that song. It's not appropriate for little kids." But should it be a disciplinary, suspension, send-him-to-the-principal's office moment? 

The family is trying to get the suspension overturned. The school district says this boy's actions, once in art class and another in a lunch line, also may fall under anti-bullying rules

What do you think, parents of the Internet? "Sexy and I Know It" has been featured in an M&M's commercial, first aired during the Super Bowl. And then there's the Elmo version. Should we hold the NFL and Sesame Street responsible?

Photo of LMFAO singer by Eva Rinaldi

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