Stuff to Blow Your Kid's Mind

Family Matters on 04.26.12
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Has your kid ever asked you why the sky is blue, how gravity holds us down or why rainbows form? Turns out our children's most basic questions about our existence are the stuff of mind-blowing exploration -- and a chance to see how we're all connected to the universe.

My science podcast partner and I recently tackled these questions and many more for a videos series called Stuff to Blow Your Kid's Mind. It's geared toward grade school kids and up, and we begin each video with a simple science experiment or an illustration of a concept (like how rainbows are formed). Then we talk about the forces at work here on Earth and in the universe.

For instance, we look at the "monsters" inside us, the bacterial cells that outnumber our own cells 10 to 1 by looking at bacteria forming from swabs taken from the inside of our cheeks, armpits and belly buttons. Turns out that although these guys are hitching a ride inside and outside of our bodies, they're responsible for breaking down food and keeping us healthy, among other things.

So check it out with your kid. You may never look at your belly button the same way again.

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