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There's no pet in the world like the one you have when you're a kid -- the dog that follows you everywhere, the cat that snuggles with you on movie night, that first goldfish you won at the school fair. And with Petfinder's Adopt the Internet Day campaign, you can help spread the word about the hundreds of sweet, lovable pets that are ready to be adopted.


On March 15 -- Petfinder's 15th birthday -- the site is getting the word out about pet adoption with blog badges, an online pledge, and the opportunity for supporters to "donate" their Facebook status to an image and message from a waiting pet.


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But why adopt? Buying a pet from a pet store can open you up to a lot of iffy behavior -- both from the sellers, who often consider the animals "inventory," and from the breeders, since you have no way of knowing what conditions that animal was born into (think cramped, dirty cages; no vet care; and health problems). And while purchasing a pet makes you think you're rescuing the animal, you could also be funding those facilities.


Petfinder also put together a list of common misconceptions about pet adoption that addresses all those "what ifs" that you have in mind when you walk into a shelter: What if I don't know the breed? What if they don't have the kind of dog I want? Why would I adopt a pet that someone else gave up? In the long run, the workers at the shelter want those animals to go the home that's right for them -- and they're as serious about finding a family that's the right fit for a cat or dog as they are about finding a cat or dog whose personality is a match for you. 


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