Sibling Love? 12 Really Mean Things Siblings Have Done to Each Other

Family Matters on 10.20.11
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As parents, when we decide to have another baby or “give” our child a sibling, we know there will be occasional fighting, but we mostly envision the special bond they will have with each other. However, there is something about siblings that seems to allow them the freedom to do whatever they want to each other—things that if anyone else did to a person, they would probably be seriously punished for doing so. My older sister recently brought up a story about the time that I was practicing the piano in junior high school, and she and my younger brother couldn’t take it anymore. I was playing a Native American chant song over and over again, and she and my brother dragged me away from the piano and upstairs to my bedroom where they tied my hands to my brass bed with old splintered plastic rope from our swing set. My mother was home, but she was wallpapering her bedroom and kept telling them to “knock it off” but they didn’t care. It got me wondering to what other mean things siblings have done to each other so I posed the question to  others and here are some of the shocking and funny responses. Names have been withheld to protect both the victims and their attackers!

Warning: Many Siblings Were Hurt in Making of this Post

The Physical Pain Forced onto Siblings

“My brother grabbed the end of my ponytail and shut it into a tall cabinet so that I couldn’t move. Then he went upstairs and blasted his stereo so he couldn’t hear me yelling for two hours until my mom came home from work.”

“I was the youngest of three and my brothers were much older, so most of their meanness was rooted in psychological warfare. Somestimes, though, one of them would tell me to 'play burrito' and then roll me up in an afghan so tight that I couldn't get out. Then he'd go upstairs and leave me for however long it would take me to wriggle out.”        

“After my first filling, when complaining about the feeling of the Novocain in my mouth and face, one of my brothers told that the way to get rid of it was to chew on a ball of tin foil.”

“We weren’t allowed soda as kids and would have killed for a Coke. My sister poured the juice from a can of black olives into a glass with ice and gave it to me.”

“My brothers used to tell me to lick the ends of batteries to tell them if they worked.”

“My sister told me to lick the sap of a tree, telling me it was maple syrup.”

“I tied my younger sister up to a pole in the garage, and started to act like I was sharpening the saw for her disposal.”

The Mental Torture Only a Sibling Can Provide

“My brother would mess up my room. Smart kid. That’s the quickest way to get an OCD seven year old to cry.”

“I devised a fake charity called ‘Bikes for the Poor’ and solicited the entire contents of my sister’s piggy bank to help pay for my new bike. For her ‘Gold Member’ donation, she was allowed two free passes to my bedroom.”

“My brother didn’t give his cute friend my phone number!”

“When I was 11 years old and developing a chest, my sister said, ‘Those aren’t boobs. That’s cancer. You probably only have a few months to live, but don’t tell mom because she’ll get upset.’”                   


Ahhh, there is nothing quite like that special bond between siblings. The good news is that all of these siblings are still speaking despite these incidents.

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