Should You Find Out the Sex of Your Baby?

Family Matters on 11.16.12
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After the initial shock of finding out you’re pregnant, the first question that comes up is will you find out the sex of the baby. Not only will you and your partner have to come up with the answer for yourselves, but you can expect to answer every single person you tell about your pregnancy as well. People want to know, and if you choose not to, they want to know why, as though it is any of their business. So what are the pros and cons of finding out?

The Pros

There are many benefits to finding out what you are having. It makes it easier to design the nursery and gives you a much broader range of clothing you can purchase. Grandmother’s and loved one really like that. And after you’ve received your umpteenth green frog or yellow duck outfit, chances are you will too. It also allows you to take one half of the debate on baby names out of the picture which might reduce a bit of stress during your pregnancy.

The Cons

The primary con to finding out the sex is that you won’t get the big surprise when your baby enters the world. For most people, the most important thing is that they have a healthy baby, and the sex of the baby is not that important. While finding out the sex is still exciting when you do it prior to giving birth, there is certainly a level of anticipation after nine months of wondering and guessing whether it is a boy or a girl that makes finding out in the delivery room a huge event.

Personally, I had to know what I was having with both of my children. I’m a planner, and it just seemed so convenient. And I have to say that meeting my babies for the first time was still an amazing experience even though I knew what they were going to be, and even what their names were before they arrived. But I have many friends that have not found out and were perfectly happy with their decision as well. It’s a very personal thing. And for all those people who want to know what you are having, if you don’t know you can respond to them with a simple answer, “A baby.”

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