The Gosselins Go on Bug Patrol

Family Matters on 06.10.11
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Last night as I was tucking the little kids into bed, Hannah returned from the bathroom and announced that there was  "a big humongous bug on the sink in the bathroom." This is never news that I enjoy considering that I am the only willing-- well unwilling, really-- bug exterminator in the house. So, with great trepidation, I made the short trip around the corner to face my enemy. It was a HUGE moth with odd shaped wings. I did not enjoy the sight of him but held back my scream of disgust (shocked, right? Me too!) I immediately hatched a plan. It's my usual plan for an unsightly bug -- I'd put a red plastic solo cup over top of the bug and, um, wait for the air supply to run out, if you follow me.

As soon as I had announced my brave plan to the girls and upon viewing the bug in question, Alexis piped up with "No mommy. He's beautiful! He's a moth, a cousin to butterflies and I love him!"

Well, I had been put in my place, that's for sure. So I asked her "I presume you'd like to let him go outside then?" She replied emphatically with "YES, can I?" so I sent Leah for the cup and a paper plate to make a contraption to allow his release --  and a happy Alexis trotted down the stairs and out the front door and the moth was set free -- just as I had been set straight! As if you didn't already know, Alexis is a lover of all things living, including bugs!  And she's  a darn good advocate for them as well. Moments like these make a momma proud.

Have a gr8 day!

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