Real Parents Weigh in: Would You Serve Your Teen Alcohol at Home? (Video Blog)

Family Matters on 11.25.11

Raising responsible teens in the face of not-so-great cultural influences and pervasive peer pressure is a tough job that all parents face. A common fear is what happens when teens try alcohol. Is it better to give teens alcohol at home so that they can learn about limits and responsible consumption from a caring parent? Or are you better off taking the stance that alcohol is completely off limits before the age of 21, and hoping that your kids abide by that rule in your absence?

Four of our video bloggers -- Sarah B., Katie, Susan and Sarah F. -- talk about whether or not they would give their teens alcohol at home, taking into account the development of teens, whether they were given alcohol by their parents growing up, and the legality of serving minors.

See what these parents think will work for their family and then tell us in the comments: Would you give your teens alcohol at home?

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