Proposed Bill Makes It Illegal to Photograph Kids that Aren't Yours

Family Matters on 05.11.11

Photo: Big Tall Guy/Creative Commons 

Documenting your child's sports victories, school plays, and ballet recitals is a natural part of parenthood -- but a law proposed in New Jersey would make it illegal to photograph children that aren't yours, reports Jezebel.

The law comes as the result of an incident in 2010 when a 63-year-old man told parents at a swim meet that he was taping the meet because "he found girls 8 to 10 sexy." But the original language of the bill, which bans "photographs or recordings of children when 'a reasonable parent or guardian would not expect his child to be the subject of such reproduction'" was deemed "'overly broad and far too vague'" by the New Jersey ACLU, says

The proposed wording could, for example, target parents who take photos of their children playing at the beach if other kids end up in the background, and would make it "nearly impossible" for the media to publish images of high school sporting events without finding out the age of every person in the picture. 

Monmouth Assemblywoman Caroline Casagrande suggesting giving the bill a smaller focus to make it more likely to pass: "If we narrow the scope of what we’re talking about and perhaps put in something that really speaks to the predatory nature we’re speaking of," she said, "our statute would be more likely to be held constitutional." 



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