No Hugs? No Way!

Family Matters on 06.09.12
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Here's a news flash for you. Children, especially girls, like to hug! Sarah wrote earlier this year about a hugging ban at a school in New Jersey. Now children are not allowed to touch each other in Peel District schools, according to a report in The Toronto Star.

Four young girls, 12 year old twins Janna and Hana El-Daly and their friends Diana Hoyt, 13, and Lily Hopkinson, 12, say that's going too far. The rule, known as "no loving, no shoving" is designed to keep unwanted attention or physical abuse at bay. The girls understand that and agree that hitting is unacceptable, but it means they can't hug their friends, nor can they rest their head on a friend's shoulder or walk arm in arm. And as far as the girls are concerned, that just isn't on.

They have organized a "hug-in" at the school for later this month to protest this rule and it seems to be getting under the school authority's skin. After launching a Facebook page with details of the protest and an online petition the girls were called into the Principal's office and were required to spend the day in the guidance department.

I say good for them for taking on the school board and ridiculous bans and I hope from now on their days will be filled with hugs from good friends.

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