My Kid Cut Her Hair ... Again! What to Do?

Family Matters on 01.26.12
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The first time it happened, my phone rang. My wife was frantic. "What?!" I exclaimed. From the sound of her voice, I figured one of our girls was in the hospital or something. No, but one would soon be paying an emergency visit to the hair salon. It was the day my youngest daughter decided to cut her beautiful, long, blond hair

Whew. It was just the bangs the first time. It eventually grew back. And I thought she had learned her lesson. But then again this week (just in time for my regular Parentables post), she cut her hair again. She's being 7, I hope. She just nipped off a long strand from the front. Apparently, it was "getting in my eyes."

Well, honey, now it's going to be a lot harder to pull the hair out of your eyes, since you have that little short strand in front.

After thinking more about ways to keep this from happening again, I thought of a few tips for parents out there with girls. And maybe with boys. I don't have any experience in that category, other than being a boy once. 

The Hair Police

First off, if your kid cuts her hair, make sure she's aware of laws in the U.S. that require scissor-using hair stylists to be licensed. You can't cut hair without a license. You could get in trouble with the Hair Police. You could be fined. You could mess up your hair for a long time (hair grows slowly) or you could cut yourself with the scissors. 

Schedule a fix. Call your favorite local salon. Tell them what happened. Your kid cut her hair. You need some emergency help, to correct the cut as best possible. And make sure to tell your hair dresser to also tell your kid that you need to be trained and licensed to cut hair. Show them the hair cutting degree/certificate. "We'll let it slip this time. But don't do it again." 

Be upset, but not too upset. Your kid may be trying to get your attention. Give some attention to their hair. Do they want to change their style? Starting pulling it up instead of wearing it down? Is there any other reason they may have chosen to cut their own hair? 

Disaster Management

Finally, tell them about your childhood hair disasters, if you have any. The time you dyed your hair the wrong color. Or the time you curled it. What was I thinking?! 

Tell them about how your mom/dad cut your hair too short when you were a kid, and you looked too much like a boy (this is my wife's story, by the way). Just let them know you're here to help.

KIds, daughters, sons: Please don't take scissors into your own hands.

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