Mom's Career Has No Negative Effect on Kids

Family Matters on 07.22.11

If you're still feeling that twinge of mom guilt every time you leave for the office, researchers from the UK have some good news: after looking at a large study of children when they were newborns, 3-year-olds, and 5-year-olds, they found that growing up with a mother who worked had no negative effects on the children.

Science Daily reports on the research from the Millenium Cohort Study  -- a survey of more than 19,000 children born between 2000 and 2001 -- which looked, in part, at the relationship between working moms and child development. 

The children who were the best adjusted at age 5 were those who grew up in a home where both parents worked, says the report, and lead researcher Dr. Anne McMunn says that could be because of the personal benefits that a career can offer to women: "Mothers who work are more likely to have higher educational qualifications, live in a higher income household, and have a lower likelihood of being depressed than mothers who are not in paid work."

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