Linkables: Reuses for Valentine's Day Cards, Baby Giggles, and More Linky Thrills

Family Matters on 02.14.12
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Here are some tidbits from around the internet that are grabbing our attention this week.

Tried and True Tricks For Making Baby Giggle - Lil Sugar
As a mom to a toddler testing various tantrum techniques, I needed to be reminded of these simple tricks today. Sometimes you just need a review of the basics to keep things light.

What Do You Do with the Valentine's Day Cards Your Kids Bring Home from School? - Yahoo! Shine
Here's a great idea (or two or three) on ways to use, display or keep all those Valentines that come home from school. The bookmark idea is my personal favorite.

19 Kids and Counting - TLC
The Duggars return to TLC tonight with the premiere of 19 Kids and Counting at 9 PM ET/PT. This season will track the highs and lows of their emotional year, as they rely on the strength of their tight-knit family more than ever.

Buy or DIY: Oversized Ruler & Tape Measure Growth Charts - apartment therapy
Forget marking up the kitchen wall with pencil to measure your kids' growth. This neat idea gives a wall a great look, and functions as an easy way to chart your budding spuds spurts.

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