Linkables: Cute Valentine's Lunches, Improving Your Winter Mood, and More Linky Thrills

Family Matters on 01.31.12
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Here are some articles from around the internet that are grabbing our attention this week. This edition of Linkables is looking vagely like a "food edition." I wasn't hungry when I found these links, but they do look good.

Valentine's Day Lunch Ideas for Tots - Lil Sugar
Who says only kids would enjoy these adorable heart-shaped goodies? Grab a heart-shaped cookie cutter and go nuts to make everyday foods into a celebration of love.

USDA Bans Whole Milk in Schools. Rolls Out Major School Lunch Reforms - Yahoo! Shine
The U.S. Department of Agriculture's federally-funded, five-year plan to fix the ridiculous nutrition fiasco in schools will guarantee more fruits, veggies and whole grains for school lunches. (I'm not sure an 8 oz. carton of whole milk is as evil as French fries, though.)

10 Tips To Improve Your Winter Mood - Care2
Here we are in the dead of winter. Do the shorter days and colder temperatures give you the winter blues? Here are 10 fixes that can positively alter your body's chemistry so you feel better.

Sustainable Seafood: Choose Safely & Eat Well! - Practically Green
It's important for kids and pregnant ladies to get their Omega-3s to help developing brains, but unfortunately, it's little ones who are most at risk for mercury and other fishy contaminents. Never fear -- choose fish wisely.

TLC's Dollars and Sense Guide - TLC
Learn how to cook low-cost meals, rack up some savings, and how to invest. Parentables blogger Amy Suardi, the Frugal Mama, tells you how to trim your family's costs.

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