Kids React to Truly Terrible Presents (Video)

Family Matters on 12.15.11
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Video: YouTube

As parents, we hope that our children would gracefully accept a gift of any nature, no matter how boring or disgusting it is. So, did Jimmy Kimmel's recent challenge to viewers prove our idealistic hopes to be true? Yeah, not so much.

The late night funnyman charged his viewers throw their own children under the bus, so to speak, by giving them horrible toys that no one in their right mind would appreciate. Naturally, the next step was to capture it on video for posterity and send it into the show for to share with the masses.

Needless to say, the masses weren't disappointed.

Kudos to the parents that presented their babes with eggs, rotten bananas and onions. Nothing says lovin' quite like food past its prime. The boy who received a girly sweatshirt, and then erupted into a full-blown meltdown, however, is certainly true to form. I shudder to think what my oldest son would do when presented with anything Hello Kitty in nature.

Perhaps my favorite is the little boy who truly understands the spirit of gift-giving and receiving. When his sister turned her nose up at the half-eaten peanut butter and jelly sandwich she received, he happily offered (multiple times) to consume it for her. Now there's a kid with his priorities in order. He'll go far in this world, no doubt about it!

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